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Busy day caching!

Saturday is generally a bit of a full on day. Twinkle toes has her dancing class and scooter boy has Beavers.

Yesterday was possibly the nicest day of the year so far, bright and sunny…… Which in Manchester means get the flipflops and Sun hats out!

We scooted to Beavers to try and burn off a bit off energy…..

Didn’t work he was still full of it at Beavers. We had a rocky session and he was just overly hyper.

Hyper child + nice weather = WE ARE GOING OUT! There was no way we could be stuck in on such a nice day.

So we went Geocaching again. Now this was our first proper trip out as the previous times were just quick trips out after school for a couple of easy finds.

Today we were in it for the big finds! My phone was fully charged, – unlike the last trip out where it died right near a cache 😭 – we had our muddy boots on and off we went!

Now as I said it was a nice day at weekend and the area we were caching in was the local country park…. So it was heaving with muggles!

At one of our finds called “take a seat” we had to sit on the bench a while waiting for what seemed like a coach party to pass. My husband was getting a little impatient as he’d already spotted it and the kids were desperate to see if it was a swapsy one.
*We call the ones that have trinkets to trade in them ‘swapsy’. Generally they have little plastic figures in like moshi monsters, bouncy balls or stickers. Rule is if you take something out you put something in of equal or greater value.*
Finally we retrieved the cache and the kids were happy it was their favourite type, we signed the log and moved on to the fourth cache of the day. We were on a roll!!

We quickly arrived at number 4…. The husband found it again :roll:.
Now the pressure was on a little because so far the kids had found 1 and the husband had found 3! I was still to find one.
The fifth was in a really busy part full of muggles. Luckily this was a magnetic micro cache and in a fab location so as not to look suspicious or draw attention to the cache. There were some people walking away from that area who seemed to clock me looking at my phone. When we signed the log I noticed we were the 3rd visit to this cache that day.

After that I suddenly became suspicious of anyone looking down at their phone. At one time I would have looked at people on their phones and thought “why can’t people just leave there phones alone for one minute. Your on a family walk out” but I found myself constantly saying to my husband “do you think they are trying to find it?”.

At this point we had found 5 giving us a grand total of ….. Wait for it…… 10 finds! .. I have said we are new to this ha ha!

As we stopped for an ice cream… yes ice cream! I wasn’t joking when I said it was flip flops and sun hat weather! I knew we were close to two caches one was a micro cache and was was a medium size. So far the biggest we had found was a small… Hmmmm I wonder which the kids would prefer….

So we set of in search of the medium one. It was in a part of the country park we didn’t have any knowledge of and had heavy tree coverage so the ‘hint’ was vital as GPS wasn’t happy with the trees.
I was reading the ‘hint’ when my phone rang. Ha ha the look on all our faces. Jeeeez do people not know we are out treasure hunting! It was my sister, ringing to see if we were in as she was going to call for a brew (brew = northern cup of tea). I couldn’t get her off the phone quick enough. I did later ring to explain and apologise tho ha ha!

We found it!!! The kids we super happy with this one. It was in a quiet location and full of swag! My son got a great find, a path tag. I had to double check on forums what it was and could we keep it. You can find tags and travel bugs, which have codes on that you log and pass on to other caches to see where they travel to.

The kids were well and truly worn out as were we! We had managed 6 finds and set back off home….. Except we did have to go very close to 2 more caches on the way home …. So thought it would be rude to just pass them ha ha 🙂

Overall we found 8 giving us a total of 13 finds overall. We got to discover the less used paths of our local country park which is literally on our doorstep. We found caches of all different sizes and in some fab sneaky hiding places!


4 thoughts on “Busy day caching!

    1. I was made up for him once I’d confirmed what it was. They are taking about hobbies at Beavers so he’ll be able to take it to show. I think we need to replenish our swaps bag as yesterday cleared us out!


      1. We had a great day for swag http yesterday too. I usually don’t let them take stuff because it’s often a bit mank but we had lots of good stuff yesterday. 😀 Swag shopping for me this week!


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