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We’re going on a treasure hunt!

We went Geocaching with the kids and managed two finds!!


Geocaching is where you use GPS to find Caches all around the world. A Cache is a waterproof container and they come in all different shapes and sizes. The contents can vary, there may be swappable items, trackable items and a log book for you to sign your name.

You pick which Geocache your going to find click start and off you go!! There is also a helpful hint to give you a clue as to where about to look once in the location.

I heard about Geocaching through the National Trusts 50 things . Intrigued as to what it was and how the hell you pronounced it I quickly Googled it.  I found an App for my phone and was excited to find I seemed to live in a bit of a cache hotspot!

I told the husband about it who looked at me as if I was mad. Twisting his arm to some with me and the kids we set off in search of one just down the road.

We told the kids we were going on a treasure hunt! They were excited and my 3 year old began to sing “we’re going on a treasure hunt!” …. she really likes the Bear hunt story!

Within 10 minutes we were at the spot and we started to look for the Cache. The husband found it and we quickly opened it. This was a very small tube with a screw top lid. Inside was a piece of paper that the finders had signed. My son promptly singed it and wanted to find another. Luckily there was another 140m away, so we set off to find it. This cache was a small Tupperware tub hidden by a mossy brick. Inside was again a piece of paper to sign and a few swappable trinkets. The idea is you can take an item but you must replace it with something of equal or greater value. We took a small wooden ball and replaced it with a Moshi Monster.

Once you have found the Cache and you have signed the log, you must place it back exactly as found.

We had to drag the kids back home as it was getting late and it was a school night, but I think they would have kept going all night!!

There is a great website which will help you find caches near you. There is a free app which can be upgraded for a fee.

The website is fully of useful information and videos explaining all you need to know.


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