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Prepare to be an adult!

So it’s now official and I can no longer hide from it… this is the year I turn 30 😦

One small victory I can take is that my two best friends will have already turned 30 by this point. In fact one already has and she hasn’t started knitting or wearing twin set and pearls… So that’s keeping me calm.

Not sure why I am so scared of the BIG 30… think it’s because I’ve always seen that as an official state of adulthood.

A side from the fact I have two young children, have been married for 5 years this year, and moved out of my parents 10 years ago…. Turning 30 makes me officially an adult! Like grown longer cool and hip or down with the kids. It suddenly makes my love for McFly cringe worthy … oh no that’s always been a bit CRIIIIINGE!

So I was thinking what the hell am I going to do to get me through this?! Hook myself up an IV line of wine? Lock myself in the house, close the curtains and watch Films from my youth, or dance to ‘The Only Way Is Up by Yazz’, jumping onto the sofa every time they say the word “UP!” like I did when I was two?………….. NO!!! because they are new sofas and I’m sick of telling the kids to get their feet off the sofa!!!

Suddenly I knew…. I’m scared of turning 30……I am also scared of heights……LETS GO THROW OURSELVES FROM TREETOPS!!

So I looked for where this could be done and found a GoApe, and seeing as though I was going to be going into adulthood….. After bribing family to have our two wonderful cherub children,  I set about looking for a wonderful wooden lodge set in the forest… ….. one with a tree house bedroom and enough other bedrooms for friends. It’s self catering so has a fully equipped kitchen complete with a fridge to hold enough beer to sink ship!  Oh and a …. HOT TUB!!!

So maybe turning 30 wont be too bad…..maybe….. I’ll let you know!!



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