My addiction to Facebook and over sharing

Its true I am a self proclaimed Facebook addict and over sharer.

I love Facebook and it has been a good friend of mine since 13th May 2007 when I signed up. Since then I have posted 5,207 times.


I have shared many of my happiest and saddest moments on Facebook. From the birth of both my children, my wedding to breaking the news my dad had died. There have also been the “do people really need to know that” posts… 1000’s upon 1000’s of those! From what I’m having for my tea to the fact it is sunny and can hang out washing.

Thing is love or hate it Facebook is a big part of nearly all our lives. Its our way of keeping in touch with friends and family. Keeping in touch with people abroad, contacting people we have just met or don’t know that well.

I have quite a big family which are scattered up and down England and also reaches out to Spain and Dubai. If it wasn’t for Facebook I wouldn’t get to see all the lovely babies in the family growing up and read about their milestones.

I admire people who say they are not on Facebook….. yet they also really annoy me, as I have no idea what is going on in their lives…. and I’m REALLY nosey!

People argue that Facebook is killing conversation and I have to agree. Really I should email or phone those that are not on Facebook , or better still get in the car and go and see them!!

Thing is we get so wrapped up in things we have to do, sort kids out with school, clubs and parties, work, shopping, cooking etc. That we kid ourselves that we don’t have time. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that we need to start calling in at friends and family every afternoon for a brew. Just once in a while simply give them a ring, send them an email with some updated pics of the kids or if your driving out that way give yourself an extra half hour to just pop in.

How many of you still send birthday cards? Or is it just a standard “Happy Birthday!! Have a fab day! xx” post to their timeline, and that was only because another 6 of your friends had already posted so it came up on your feed. We consider ourselves busy, yet really I think we are lazy when it comes to friends and family. When someone is no longer here, you don’t hear us saying “I wish I could just send that person one last post”. It’s always “I wish I could see that person one last time” or “hear that persons voice again”. 

It’s so easy to feel you don’t need to contact friends as you see their posts, so you know what they’re up to.

Truth is how much of what we put on Social media is real? I for one am guilty of only putting the “Happy shots” on. I mean really who want to see the pics of your kids having a major meltdown. Also who is really going to put on a status saying that their other half is p*ssing them off and has been for the last week…. well maybe the odd married couple, but certainly not some newby loved up couple, who want you to think everything is rosie.

I personally can be seen as the opposite though, as I mostly moan on Facebook its my outlet to the world to let them know I’m having a sh!t day and to stay out of my way! I see it as “IT’S MY PAGE AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT GET OFF!”

I recently shared a lot on Facebook about my son who has had a hard time settling down at school. We suspect he has some sort of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and have been banging our heads against a wall with some of the medical professionals. The day I wrote the status I had discussed it with my husband and we felt that there was a fine line we didn’t want to cross. It was a very personal status, but we needed to remember it wasn’t about us it was about our then 5 year old son and we need to respect his right to privacy.

That status changed things for us over night. We had people comment, like and even message us. One person who contacted us was an old work colleague of mine. His wife works with young adults with ASD and he wanted to know if there was anyway they could help. The fact that they had read the status and messaged me alone was enough as it reassured people cared. Within the hour I was “friends” with his wife and she was helping me out with all sorts of valuable info. Another person was an old school friend of my husbands who said their child had been diagnosed by a particular Dr at the local hospital. I managed to contact this doctor and we were seen within a week! We couldn’t believe it! After months and months of banging our heads against a wall and being past from pillar to post we were finally getting somewhere. If it wasn’t for Facebook that parent would never have been able to share that life changing information with us.

So for me I love Facebook and I can’t see me giving up my account any time soon. I don’t tend to get too annoyed by other peoples status’ easily. I know some people hate the constant stream of baby photos or gym updates but I tend to just skip past the ones I’m not too interested with. I’m not about to cull my friends list… I’m too nosey as I’ve already told you, and some peoples lives are better than a soap opera.

My name is Dannii and I’m a Facebook addict 🙂

If you want to check your Facebook history, of posts, likes and comments you can do here …. http://archivedbook.com/


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