4am roll call

What were you doing at 4am this morning?
…. Just getting in from a night on the lash, before falling asleep with the kebab you just pulled and fell in love with?

…. Shall I tell you what I was doing..

Having a conversation with a 6 year old as to why 4am isn’t really a great time to build Lego.
This went on for around 45mins to an hour. He eventually gave in and was back in the land of nod.

….. But don’t let that make you think it was over…
Kids have a remarkable way of remembering where they left off
7am rolls round and BOOM! We are back onto Lego.

I’ve always been told never go to sleep on an argument.   This is particularly true when it comes to kids. They don’t forget … EVER!

Just give in now while you’ve still got a shred of sanity!



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