Parental guides v Just roll with it

So many books and ‘how to guides’. I bought them all when I had my first, combed through them all to find out the things I was doing wrong.

After all supernanny knows all about behaviour charts and time outs. How would I ever get through bed time without Gina Ford. Without Annabel Karmel my child would just grow up on a diet of jars, quavers and toast!

Well I bought the books and the behaviour charts didn’t work, neither did the ‘controlled crying’ . As for the lental, carrot and sweet potato concoction I’d spent so much time making, tubbing up and freezing. Well that just ended up either all over the wall or in the bin!

All the time I was making charts, making food that wasn’t going to be eaten, I was missing out on precious play time. Creating endless piles of washing up and getting stressed that I want doing a good enough job.

I personally think we put ourselves under enough pressure as parents. Constantly feel we aren’t doing a good enough job and that others are judging us. I don’t think we need the added pressure of these ‘help’ books. I’m sure some people have found them invaluable. I personally feel they can do more harm than good.

Truth is parenting is hard… Really hard! People say it gets easier… It doesn’t! With a new born you just get into a routine and then something changes. Baby decides they don’t like that routine anymore and although they slept through for a few nights in a row that doesn’t mean you’ve cracked it. It just means they were letting you have a false sense of hope. Then it’s back to 2am play time!

Just when you think you’ve found something they like to eat for lunch… they don’t like it anymore or they do but only when its on a green plate and it’s a Tuesday.
As they get older you have new things to worry about. How will they get on at school? You have school, clubs, parties and homework all to squeeze in…. But don’t forget work, washing, cooking, food shopping and the general juggle of day to day tasks… All whilst listening to “mum can I have a drink?”, “mum she’s touching my toys!” “mum when’s tea ready?” “can I have this for christmas?”

If your going to buy one book as a parent I’d recommend
Reasons my kid is crying by Greg Pembroke.



I recently came across this book and bought it for some friends of ours, who at the time were expecting their first child.
I love this book as I think it shows that sometimes children cry and that’s ok. It’s not really anything we have done, or can necessarily fix. Things that seem illogical to us can be massive deals to them. We shouldn’t dismiss them as such but just learn to roll with it.


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