Birthday boy


It was his 6th birthday last week. I say last week but it carried on for days so feels like yesterday!

He was extremely excited ….as all kids are! Felt awful giving him his presents and then packing him off to school.

There were Lego boxes everywhere, although I found it far from awesome…. just plain stressful. Dad was on his second week of nights and half asleep whilst birthday boy was ripping open his presents only to then demand Dad build Lord business evil lair this instance!

He was inundated with cards, presents, visitors and birthday messages.

The day after and 3 Lego boxes built he insisted on taking the Lego car to school…- this is just for the walk to school and for a little play in the playground before the class door opens. He tends to play on his own in a morning rather than with anyone, so I agree to him taking a toy providing he lets me take it back home with me.

Aaanyway no sooner had he stepped out of the door…. A piece of Lego fell off the car!! OH! NO!

He began screaming and crying. I suggested that maybe we take something else as if we lost a bit we might not find it. This was a bad suggestion! Next thing he’s off, screaming and shouting. Absolutely fuming at such a ridiculous suggestion from me. He’s back in the house with shoes and socks off… “I am NOT going to school!”

At 8:45 I rang school, saying we would be late. A little over an hour later, screaming and shouting done, bedroom trashed and posters ripped down, the shoes were back on. Hands were held and off we went to school.

The rest off the day was fine and went without a problem.

Continuing the celebrations I took him and a friend to the cinema. He was excited and the evening went really really well. It’s definitely easier than just having someone round for tea, as he tends to wander off and leave the other child playing alone in his room while he decides he going downstairs to watch TV.

Then there was the big day.. it had finally arrived.. PARTY DAY!!

We had really thought about if a party was a good idea… the noise…. the over excitement…. the dreaded party games!!   He really wanted one so we opted for a play centre we knew well. A nice and open feeling, with separate party room. He was told he could only invite 10 friends to keep chaos (and cost) down!

To say I was nervous is an understatement! I had rung ahead to check there were no party games and the order of the day. I ran over this a couple of times with birthday boy before we left for the party.

Well I’m pleased to say it all went really well! Not one problem! He asked for his ear defenders when the music came on but once they were on he was fine. He took himself to a quieter area when the girls got a bit loud. The parents were great. Most of them were fully aware of how he can be and although they hadn’t seen him in ear defenders before no one batted an eyelid. They could tell how nervous I was and knowing they weren’t judging his behaviour or my parenting skills really helped.

All in all the birthday stretched 5 days! With only one small “I want it building NOW!” and the late for school incident.

I think we’ll class it as a success!

….Party next year?? …. We’ll see!


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