3 weeks back at school

Well we are into week 3 of the new school year…. So far…So good!

He was sent to the office first day back, but the teacher explained it wasn’t that anything really major had happend but that she was sticking to the script. I think in total there has only been two visits to the office in 3 weeks. This time last year it was 3 times within his first 8 days!! PROGRESS!

He’s had a wobbly day today, where he has taken himself off from the rest of the class, but quickly returned once calmed down. I think his teacher is pleased with him so far. I think we had prepared ourselves for the worst and he’s pleasantly surprised everyone.

We have had a couple of big kick offs at home. First day back at school, we had one on the walk home. Something hadn’t quite gone his way on the walk home and it resulted in me being punched in the face twice whilst carrying him across the road. Then there was a morning he didn’t get to school till 10am due to a Lego incident.

The morning school run is SO stressful!!! Dad has been on nights for the first 2 weeks of it so I’ve had to wake him up to watch little sister as I just couldn’t bare taking her. The playground seems huge and there are so many little hidden corners  that I can’t quite get to with the pram in tow.

It’s taking him time to adjust to the new routine but he is adjusting.

He is calming down so much quicker, and taking himself away from situations that he isn’t happy with.

So like I say so far so good! I’m being proved wrong on many levels but for once I don’t mind 🙂


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